Intercompany invoices


Intercompany invoices are invoices that will automatically create accounts payable to the company that is billing. This works as follows:

Example: Company 1 is billing company 2

The A/R must be created under company 1, using as the customer company 2 (Always start from the Accounts Receivable invoice)

It is very important to use the right job number. Make sure the job number begins with the number corresponding to the company being billed, in this case company 2 (002XXXX-XX)

The concept that is going to be used must have accounts set up in both companies involved in the transaction. For that, check the charge setup table.

Once the concept is selected, the program will automatically assigned the G/L account and will require job information

  1. concept that is going to be used has to have the accounts in the charge setup table.
  2. in the payable side, assign the expense account that you need to affect in the other company
  3. Accounts have to have subsidiaries and job required Y
  4. Job used has to belong to the company that is being billed