Vessel Master File


Every vessel that is going to transport cargo from one port to another has to exist in the vessel master table. Every time a Job/Voyage gets created, the vessel has to be assigned. Because of this, as the job number is assigned the vessel field gets automatically populated




The above figure shows the table containing the detailed information regarding each vessel.  It contains the general; information, such as the captain name, country of origin, dimensions, flag and additional information about the owner.

In the lower section, on the left hand-side, it shows the lines; on the right hand side shows the ports that the vessel will be visiting.


The arrows in the Toolbar can be used to scroll thru the vessels or you can use the binoculars to get the whole list and select the desired vessel from there.

An option to delete the vessel and to add vessel codes can be used as well. If there are jobs/voyages attached to the vessel, the program will not allow you to delete it


To create a new vessel record, fill out all the fields listed in the screen with the respective information, once the create new vessel option from the menu is selected.