Container Types


The equipment\container typeís entry screen shows the basic characteristics of every container, such as class, TEU factor, tare, etc



This setup defines how it will behave in the documents, such as bookings, TIRís and reports. The type is made up of 4 alphanumeric characters, the first two numbers indicating the size and the last two, letters

, indicating whether it is a refrigerated container, a trailer, container, etc., followed by the description field.It shows the TEU field, which is basic in the container reports. The max weight and max volume fields show the maximum net weight in LB and the maximum volume in CF allowed in equipment type, respectively.


In the last field, it shows the equipment type code from which you would like to apply the same rates. For example if the new equipment type is 20VT for Ventilated Container and it will be rated the same as a 20CT Standard Container, the rated as would be 20CT.This lessens the amount of data entry for the users since no new rating defaults will have to be entered for this type of container.If rated as itself, enter the same equipment type code.

To view a list of all existing container types in ISIS, click on the binoculars and a list with the general description will be displayed. To create a new container type, just populate all fields accordingly, after selecting the appropriate option from the toolbar or the File menu option.