Change User password


When a user account is created in GDZ-ISIS a default password is assigned for the user to log on for the first time. The user should always come to this option to change the password to the desired one. The password must be private



Web Users


Most of the Utilities submenus are used for users, printers, and programs setup, which is mostly done by the gdz support group. For the companies who have WebISIS, meaning that the customers will have access to the documentation on-line, there is the Web users program setup. This program will allow you to give access to your desired customers to the documentation that you want. This is a very useful tool, especially when the customers wan to know the status of their cargo. They could also have access to their accounting information, such as an aging or statement of account report

The last addition to WebISIS is the ability of the customer to attach documents to a specific document, either dock receipt, TIR, Bill of lading they he]she is viewing online

It will display in gdz-isis that the document was added via webisis