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GDZ Computer Services, Inc. was established in 1985 as a full-service information technology and software solution company. Since then, our focus has been to provide integrated business solutions to the maritime shipping industry. What sets us apart is the philosophy upon which our company was founded: business relationships are partnerships rather than traditional client/vendor associations. Such an approach requires us to judge our success on the success of our "partners". As system integrators, we customize and support each system to serve each individual client’s needs. The close working relationship formed between GDZ and our clients also provides the foundation for ease of system implementation and reliable support.

Our flagship product, ISIS™ (Integrated Shipping Industry System), is the result over 35 years of service to the maritime shipping industry. And GDZ-ISIS continues to evolve—working closely with each client, constantly tailoring GDZ-ISIS to suit their changing needs, thus ensuring the most customized IT solution possible. The wealth of knowledge GDZ has gained over the years is evident in GDZ-ISIS. From the cargo booking to financial reporting—the natural flow of information is mirrored at every step. Our expertise in the maritime transportation industry is also demonstrated by our long-standing certification as a vendor for the United States Customs Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Interface.

Contact GDZ Computer Services, Inc. today to setup a GDZ- ISIS demonstration to find out how our comprehensive understanding of the maritime shipping industry can help your company.