Freight Cashier


The freight cashier entry screen is designed to quickly record reception of money, whether it is cash, check or credit card. It is located under Accounting\Cash Receipts\Freight Cashier


This type of transaction requires a pending deposit account setup as a clearing account. This is required for every bank account that will be used in a freight cashier. In this way when the freight cashier is posted, it will go to the pending deposit account. Once the actual money mode is deposited, then it will be posted to the bank thru a regular cash receipt. This will be used strictly to record money that is received against the accounts receivable trade. Financial statements will reflect the money in the bank once the cash receipt is posted; before that, the money will be in the pending balance account

Stations to receive money can be set up by location, so that many users collecting money can record the transaction at the same time.

The numbering will begin with a 90000000. This is a consecutive that will be updated as users enter receipts for the same bank account in the same mode, even if it is on a different day. Every time the user enters a new transaction, it gets registered under the same number with a different batch

Once and only if the batch is posted, user will be allowed to print. For security reasons only posted cash receipts will be printed

All the amounts get reflected on the main cash receipt with the different batch numbers.

There are different modes of payment cash/check, debit, visa. Master card, amex, etc. all these different types need to be setup. Depending on the mode, the receipt number will be different as follows:


0 check/Cash 90000000

1- Visa 90001000

2-Master Card 90002000

4- Amex 90003000


And so on


Once the money transaction has been entered, there are three options: suspend, post and cancel. Before exiting the program, it forces the user to do any of these options.. When the freight cashier is posted, the A/R aging will reflect the payment but the money will be in the pending Deposit account


From the Cash Receipt entry screen:


To find a receipt go to the binoculars and the search can be done by date or by receipt number.




In order to post the main cash receipt, its freight cashier needs to be posted, meaning all batches need to be posted. You cannot post a cash receipt if anyone has a batch open or in use. In fact, you cannot post a C/R unless all of its batches (Freight cashiers) are either posted or voided

There is a new feature in the cash receipt and in the freight cashier: Void and Copy. Once it is voided it will allow you to copy it.


How to create a Freight Cashier