Line/Port Master


The Line port master defines the line of the vessel that will be calling the port. An agent and a container yard may be also assigned. This information will be used for example if containers are to be loaded/discharged at the port. The equipment history will show the yard that appears on this table



Under the miscellaneous option, there are two fields that have the following purpose:

The first one is used when the TIR or Dock receipt needs to be entered in the bill of lading. In that case this field needs to be populated with any characters, usually the initials of the port.

The second option, Load/Discharge are On\Off hire, is used to define whether the containers will be off hired when they get discharged at the port. Select Yes/No accordingly.

To create a line port master entry, just start typing the name on the field. By pressing the right-button of the mouse you can access other search options, either Line list, CMS, or yards list.