General Ledger Reports


G/L by detail:


This report shows all posted items for a company, based on the selection that is made. Users can select the company, the period range and other report options, such as, account number(s), batch numbers, departments to include, job numbers. It can be as specific or as general as desired. The level of detail can be selected as well.

This report will display information in chronological order by period and by batch number, showing amounts, date of posting and the user who posted the entry.


Trial Balance – Multi-period


This report will display, by account, amounts from the prior period, amounts posted during the current period, and total amounts year to date.. It can be run for a specific period, year and month or for a range of periods (multi-period report). The results depend on the selection made Users have the additional option to select the report by departments or sub-accounts


Balance Sheet


Once the company and the period (year, month) have been selected, the user can select the detail level of the report, by department or sub account as well as the level. Depending on the selected criteria, the report will display the amounts year to date for every balance sheet account.

If there is any out-of-balance in the general ledger, the report will show a note ant the end that says ‘Out of Balance by”’ and displays the amount.


Income Statement


This is a profit and loss report that can be run for only Income accounts, Expense accounts or both. The user can select the detail of the report, by selecting departments and the account level. The higher the level , the more detailed information will be viewed.




This report runs by Line and shows the accounts number and name, for every charge and concept in ISIS. It also shows the option to generate an accounts payable from the Bill of lading rating. Screen, based on the payable table.


General Ledger daily report


This is a general ledger report based on posting date. It shows the account number, period under which the amount was posted. Depending on the level of detail, it may include invoice numbers, job number, B/L number and reference by posting date and posting sequence


G/L Detail View


This program is a general ledger on-line view. It has all advantages of a dynamic table structure where information can be filtered, columns can be selected, removed or moved. Excel option is available as well as a grid report form